BlogMoving House? Be prepared with our checklist!

Moving House? Be prepared with our checklist!

Moving House? Be prepared with our checklist!

Are you planning on moving property this year?

If you've moved house before, you'll be able to relate to how chaotic it can be to pack and remember hundreds of "to do's..." , does this look familiar?


Have you seen our moving house checklist pdf, it lists all the things"to do" prior to a house move. A house moving checklist will ensure you remain organised throughout the progress, to reduce stress as much as possible and enjoy moving into your new home. 

If you're looking for a moving house countdown checklist, Britannia Bennetts gives a great breakdown too of the things to consider in the 6 weeks leading up to a move:


Moving House Checklist: Preparing for Moving Day | Britannia Movers

Think about the exact date you want to move, start planning your move and decide what you want to take with you to your new home.

In preparation to move, presuming that the surveyor's report has been positive, contracts are finalised and a moving date is agreed, other things you might want to consider (not included in the list above):

  • Decide what to get rid of and what to take to your new home and where to position belongings, a floor plan of your new home may help
  • If you are relocating due to a job move, find out what costs your employer will cover
  • Choose a removals company and box provider
  • Notify your household insurancers
  • Book overnight accommodation if the house move is a long journey
  • Do you have enough medication during the moving period
  • Make a moving house checklist change of address
  • After reading the meters, settle any outstanding bills.

Top Packing Tips

Here are a few useful packing tips when moving, to ensure you pack like a pro! 

  • Order boxes in advance (calculate how many you'll need) and any wrapping materials required 
  • Make a priority list of things to pack and in which order
  • Clear out again whilst packing for charity or to sell
  • Don't completely fill larger boxes, or they will be too heavy to move
  • Check if your content insurers will cover any damage and breakages during the move which may occur 
  • Pack all valuable items together
  • Pack all liquids separately  
  • Label all boxes individually "containing X" to be moved into "room X"
  • Pack a box, for the first nights stay in your new home, kitchenware essentials and an overnight bag of toiletries
  • Pack a box of other essentials, e.g. torch, first aid kit, tools to assemble furniture, pen and paper etc.
  • Pack from the top of the house downwards, attic first if applicable and pack one room at a time 
  • Pack heavier items in small boxes to avoid boxes breaking or any back injuries 
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of each box and lighter items on top
  • Wrap and pack fragile items in a box together in plenty of layers of tissue and bubble wrap
  • Pack all important documents together and keep them in a safe place.   

We hope our moving to new house checklist and top tips help your move go smoothly. Our top tip...allow enough time as packing always takes longer than expected!!!

We've had over 30 years experience packing and moving clients from home to home, accommodating to different requirements, supplying packing materials if needed and giving advice where possible.

We treat belongings as carefully as if they were our own. So take our advice, follow our guide and book your removals and any packing assistance you need today.

We're happy to provide a no-obligation FREE quote or book a video survey to gain a better perspective. 

- Britannia Bennetts -

Plan to make a smart move

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