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Moving House with Pets

Moving House with Pets

Make moving with a cat or dog less stressful...

Moving in 2021 may feel stressful enough with COVID, however with the right safety measures put in place, your move can be less stressful and more exciting.

Moving can be stressful for all members of the family including the animals. Cats and dogs, in particular, become very attached to their own homes, "territories" and a change in house can be disorientating for them. 

Top Tips - Dos

  • Get someone to look after your pet on moving day away from the loud noises, so you're not worrying about them, giving you more time to focus on the move in hand. 

  • If you choose to keep them with you, designate a quiet room, with closed doors, containing their favourite toys, bedding, food and water.

  • Pack your pet's belongings last, their familiar toys and blankets will comfort them and avoid washing their bedding until a couple of weeks post the move to ensure familiar smells are present in your new home.

  • Ensure your pet’s ID tag or microchip details are up to date and include details of your new home address, to ensure they do not get lost in your new neighbourhood.

  • Give them plenty of reassurance and attention, both during the house move and after.

Top Tips - Don'ts

  • Don't feed them just before putting them into the car to avoid travel sickness.

  • Don't let your pet loose in your new garden without checking all perimeters are secure first. Look for gaps or broken panels. Accompany them outside until they’re more confident in their new surroundings.

  • Don't assume your pet will immediately adjust to your new home. They may take a little while to settle; allow them time to relax and become familiar. Do not to leave your pet on their own for too long until they are fully settled.

  • Don't scold your pet for bad behaviour, it is common for them to behave differently initially.

  • Don't avert from your usual pet walking and feeding routine, continue as normal to make the transition easier and establish their existing routine in your new home area.

To reduce stress for pets, the article below provides some great tips on moving house with a cat or dog:


Moving House With Your Pet

Moving home is a stressful time for everyone, but it can be easy to forget how big an impact moving house can have on your pet.

We hope our advice helps you move with your pet/s successfully, for further advice, speak to your vet on how best to keep your pet safe and calm.

We have over 30 years of experience in removals, accommodating to individual requirements with many pet members of the family. 

Check out our helpful moving house checklist, ideal to stay extra organised, reducing stress. We can also provide boxes and other essential packaging materials if you require them.

Simply enquire via our email form or call us on 01684 892236 today to discuss your requirements.

- Britannia Bennetts -

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