Containerised Storage

Containerised storage

Whether you are selling your current home and require temporary storage whilst you rent or stay with friends, or need to go abroad on a work contract, our storage facility has been designed to offer you containerised or self-storage to suit your personal or business needs.

How much storage do I need?
Please use the select options below to retrieve a guide of how many containers you will need depending on the number of bedrooms your house has.

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Can you collect it?
Yes we can.

Dependent upon how much storage space you need, we will send a vehicle to collect your furniture and/ or boxes and bring them to our storage facility. Contact us for a quote.

What if I can't move straight to my new home?


If you need 14 days or less storage we may be able to use our hold-over facility. This involves loading one of our removal pantechnicons with a ‘removable body’ so that we can hold your effects, once loaded, until you are ready for us to deliver to your new home.

Instead of two moves, a move into store and a second move from store to your new home, it is a direct move cost plus a fee per day, reducing the overall moving cost. If however you need longer term storage our container system will be the right solution for you, please read on for further details ...

Containerised Storage
Our purpose built, industry standard, wooden storage containers can be brought out to your property on one of our specialist storage pantechnicons and your crew will load your furniture and effects directly into them at your home ready for storage. Whilst loading your containers we take a full detailed inventory and your crew foreman will ask you to sign this before we hand you a copy. Your containers will then be sealed and after checking with you that we have got everything you would like to store with us, they will depart to our storage facility. Each container is individually numbered and the containers we use for your move to store will be recorded on your customer record, you can rest assured that your home contents are safe and secure with us for as long as you need.

Our containerised storage is particularly suitable for small quantities of effects (7 cubic metres) up to a whole property contents (4-bedroom house approximately 50 cubic metres). Even if you change your mind about taking things with you on removal day, we will only store what you ask us to so, less items equals lower weekly storage cost. We offer short or long-term storage providing the perfect environment in which to store your effects – clean, modern and completely secure with our RedCare GSI alarm system (linked to the police station).

The majority of items in your home will fit into our standard units, however oversized items such as ladders, carpets and large sofas may be stored separately in our ‘out-sized’ item area.

On arrival at our warehouse your numbered containers are transferred from our removal pantechnicon, via forklift, to their warehouse storage location (numbered bays). They remain here until you contact us to arrange delivery to your new property. Our customer policy only permits the opening and closing of containers in your presence, or, at your express wish (written authorisation required). If you urgently need an item from store and it is possible to locate it from the inventory, we can access it for you to collect or, we can deliver it – all part of our service of excellence to our customers.