BlogHow to Pack and Organise a Storage Unit

How to Pack and Organise a Storage Unit

How to Pack and Organise a Storage Unit

Are you getting ready to move into a storage room/unit? 

We can help with a little experienced advice. Read this article on the basics of how to pack a box, how to prepare larger items and how to fill a storage unit to ensure that you can find what you are looking for in your belongings.

How to organise your storage is important to make the process stress and chaos free:


How to Pack and Organize Your Storage Unit

As we know from Storage Wars, self storage units can get messy. Use these top tips to keep yours organized and accessible.

Our top packing and storage tips on how to pack a self-storage unit:

  • Start by creating an inventory list (it's hard to remember everything)
  • Use the right type of boxes - we sell these too, lots of different sizes available
  • Partly fill boxes (be conscious of weight), use light items to finish off
  • Stack boxes neatly, heaviest at the bottom, group boxes tightly
  • Consider storing items inside larger sealed items (eg. bagged items inside sideboard)
  • Disassemble furniture and store items upright (optimise space)
  • Store furniture first at the back of the unit, with boxes in front
  • Store large, heavy items on the bottom towards the back (especially those that you will not need during your storage term)
  • Arrange items you need more frequently towards the front of the unit (seasonal clothing)
  • Leave a passage inside the unit to access boxes
  • Label every box (it’s important on moving day to know what each box contains and where it is going too)
  • Remember to check what can and cannot be stored in the unit
  • Put all electrical items in waterproof containers
  • Store only dry items in storage
  • Thoroughly clean all items before storing them.

Packing for storage is an art, we have assisted many families in this process, as it can be daunting when you question "how to pack up a house for storage", "what items will and won't I need?". People tend to pack slightly differently depending on short-term or long-term storage, however, the basic techniques and rules apply.

We hope you find our top tips useful, our friendly team have had many years of packing experience and are here to help you.


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- Britannia Bennetts -

Self Storage Experts

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